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Versatile Tools for Every Cut: Kentmaster’s Butcher Boning Tool Collection

December 28, 2023

Kentmaster South Africa is a leading supplier of high-quality butchery equipment and supplies, including their renowned collection of butcher boning tools. The original headquarters of Kentmaser in the United States has experience in manufacturing tools for the industry since 1948.

In this article we are going to focus on butcher boning tools, sharpening tools and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), what variations are out there and what they are specifically designed for. 

The South African arm provides and has considerable success in the marketplace with machinery and supplies such as:

  • Bandsaw Blades
  • Meat Mincers
  • Saw Guides
  • Stainless Steel Platforms
  • Scalding Tanks
  • Swivel Hooks
  • Abattoir Equipment 
  • Meat Equipment 
  • Butchers Knives 
  • Knife Sharpeners and many more…

By being entrusted with so many different pieces of equipment and their ability to keep on working well, Kentmaster has earned a good name for versatility and dependability.

Professionals in the meat industry worldwide rely on their products, and its South African division still posts impressive equipment offerings along with impeccable customer service.

So, let’s take a look at the types of butcher boning tools Kentmaster can provide country-wide, as mentioned  earlier.

Butcher’s Tools: What they are and what they do?


These tools are quick, neat and accurate at cutting meat away. A long-time supplier of knives from leading brands such as Mundial, which has a tradition of over 90 years of making top-quality chefs and butchers. Some of the types of knives that Kentmaster offers are:

Boning Knives

The narrow and flexible blade separates meat from bones or tendons. They vary in length, shape and edge type to match meat and cuts.

Meat Knives

The cutting edge of these knives is wide with a tapering tip that can chop, slice and dice anything from vegetables to meat. They are versatile and well-suited to all kinds of kitchen duties.

Butcher Knives

Their blades are heavy and wide, chopping bones as well. They are strong and tough, capable of dealing with big cuts.

Filleting Knives

Their blade is thin and flexible, slicing fish and poultry easily. Their design is to take skin, bones and fat without waste. 

Steak Knives

These knives have a serrated edge to slice through grilled meat and crunchy skin. Their soft handles have a two-part design with comfortable and secure grips.

Chef Knives

Their blade is broad and taper to a small point so that they can take on almost any ingredient. They are the most indispensable and multipurpose knives in any kitchen.

Sharpening Tools

These are the instruments that keep their knives dull-free and in good condition. Kentmaster sells associated tools such as steel, stones and electric sharpeners.

Some of the types of sharpening tools that Kentmaster offers are:


This is a set of tools to realign the edge on knives and remove any burrs or nicks. It comes in various lengths, shapes, and materials- ceramic, diamond, or stainless steel.


These tools grind and sharpen knives’ edges, cutting away dullness or damage. Different sizes, shapes and grits are also available, including coarse, medium and fine.

Electric Sharpeners

These tools sharpen and polish the edge of knives with rotating abrasive wheels and guides. They are available in different versions, including the Quick Set and E-Z Sharp.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

The items and materials are all for the cleanliness and safety of workers, too. Among their products are PPE: aprons, gloves, boots and hats; masks as well (including N95); along with soap, sanitiser and disinfectant Some of the types of PPE that Kentmaster offers are:


These garments cover the front of the body, protecting clothes and skin from stains and splashes. They come in various sizes, colours and kinds of materials, such as plastic, rubber or chain mesh.


These clothes cover the hands, protecting fingers and palms from being cut or burned. They come in various sizes and colours and are made of materials such as latex, nitrile, and chain mesh.


These shoes protect the toes, heels and feet from slips or falls. leather, rubber and steel toe. They come in various sizes and colours, too.


These types of headwear cover the hair, protecting scalps from dirt and sweat. These come in various sizes, colours and styles, including caps, nets and hoods.


Facewear covers the mouth and nose, protecting respiratory channels from dust and germs. They come in various sizes, colours and types, including disposable, reusable or respirator.


As you can see, the list is varied, and you’ll find certain abattoirs and slaughterhouses needing even more equipment than this to keep production moving. Butcher boning tools are a crucial sector within the industry so you need to source the bet tools available for your operation to run smoothly. Rest assured, it will keep you on schedule with skin sharpening, blade sharpening, and tool repairs, some of the country’s quickest. In that case, you know where to go first.