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IBEX  has been one of the premium companies supplying the livestock industry with the best possible tools for over 35 years. With a wide range of products in their portfolio, including hoof trimming equipment, sheep shearing machines, livestock clippers, cattle handling systems and a vast array of some of the industry’s best quality knives; they have become one of our top suppliers across slaughterhouses, abattoirs, meat processors, butchers and commercial kitchens alike throughout South Africa.

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IBEX Tools

IBEX pride itself on maintaining consistently high standards of quality with each product enabled to provide clients with reliable precision tools that meet any budget constraints – an expectation that our team strives to overcome daily.

The success lies in how these tools are used day-in-day-out within different work environments and providing tailored solutions accordingly; so IBEX really unlocks a toolkit for all your cutting needs!

Benefits of investing in high-quality tools from IBEX

Investing in reliable and high-quality tools is a wise decision for any business that wants to succeed in the long run.

IBEX has positioned itself as a go-to company for businesses looking for top-notch tools that will enable them to achieve their goals efficiently.

Tools are an investment, and opting for cheap alternatives can be costly in the long run.

IBEX tools offer competitive advantages such as durability, precision and reliability, and along with Kentmaster South Africa, a dedicated customer support.

Choosing IBEX means choosing quality tools that are built to last.

Here at Kentmaster South Africa, we strive to stock unique IBEX items that are hard to find on the market. Please browse our collection and use our easy-to-purchase system if you find a solution, or contact our team for more advice.

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