Boning knife 15 cm blade Professional. Mundial 6” 5500 series | 5515

SKU: K5515-019


Professional boning knife with black polypropylene handle. Mundial 5500 Series. NSF Certified.

Blade Characteristic Straight Broad
Blade length 15cm
Blade Material High Carbon / No Stain steel
Handle length 13cm
Handle Material Polypropylene with Antibacterial texture


This 15 cm boning knife boasts a thin and flexible blade that maneuvers around bones with ease. Made from high-quality stainless steel, it glides effortlessly through meat, perfect for deboning and trimming with precision. The comfortable, non-slip black polypropylene handle ensures you’re in control throughout every cut. For added peace of mind, this knife features an antimicrobial coating that inhibits bacteria growth, keeping your food prep safe.

NSF Certified

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