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Kentmaster: Your One-Stop Shop for Quality Equipment in South Africa

February 29, 2024

If you work in a tannery, you know well how important it is to have the appropriate apparatus for running your business. Whichever the case, handling the largest abattoirs, the smallest slaughterhouses, or the retail butcher shops will demand their butchery equipment to be reliable, competitive, inexpensive tools and equipment that handle meat deliberately and accurately. 

This is the reason why you should turn to Kentmaster, the first name in butchery equipment and boning tools, abattoir hardware, and all other solutions for the meat processing industry in South Africa. Kentmaster, with a background in meats since the 1940s, is a company that has been serving the industry by providing its clients solutions for their customised needs.

Butchery equipment is a big umbrella and can cover knives, sharpeners and stunners to balancers, hygiene and production equipment to almost an endless choice. Apart from that, they have the unique characteristic of adding valuable devices, including the tenders, the injectors, and the mixers, which are meant to improve the flavour and the quality of your meat products.

Here are some of Kentmaster’s butchery equipment products and how they can benefit your meat processing business.

Knives and sharpeners

Kentmaster offers different types and models of knives and sharpeners, depending on the use and individual needs. Whatever kind of knife you may be looking for – it can be:

  • The Filleting Knife
  • The Skinning Knife
  • The Splitting Knife 
  • Or the Trimming Knife – Kentmaster has the right blade for you. 

Kentmaster also offers different types of sharpeners, like electric, manual, or whetstone, that you can use to keep your knives sharp and well-maintained. The knives and sharpeners are made out of the best materials, including stainless steel, carbon steel, or Damascus steel, and they are designed ergonomically to fit your hand and style perfectly.

Stunners and balancers

Kentmaster has a range of stunning and bolting equipment that are humane and efficient in stunning and dressing animals. The type of stunning system you need might be a pneumatic, electric, or captive bolt, but Kentmaster has the answer to each of these special requirements. 

Kentmaster will provide different kinds of balancers, such as spring, air, or electric, to help you ease the lifting and movements of the carcasses by leaving your hands free for other important tasks. Kentmaster’s stunners and balancers are also EU-compliant with animal welfare and food safety; they are strong and easy to operate.

Hygienic and production tools

Kentmaster has two series of production equipment and hygiene equipment to give you a neat and clean working environment. Ranging from a simple wash basin to a full slot system that includes:

  • Boot Washer
  • Steriliser
  • And Conveyor Belt

Stocking everything for the Insustry

Kentmaster product range is not limited to the main devices only. They offer hangers, gloves, aprons or even scales that could help you with your daily duties and processes. 

Kentmaster’s hygiene and production equipment are all made from sanitary and strong materials like stainless steel, plastic, or rubber, and they have been designed to help you be at your best both at work and in terms of your production flow.

Kentmaster’s role is not restricted to that of a supplier but a partner for your meat processing enterprise. Kentmaster provides consultation, support, training and spare parts availability for its products to guarantee system-efficient operation and longer lifetime. 

To meet every client’s needs, Kentmaster offers customised and personalised solutions, which can be adjusted according to each person’s specific requirements and personal preferences.

Here are some of the services that Kentmaster offers and how they can help you improve your meat processing business:

  • Technical support. Kentmaster markets its products with technical backup in the form of installation, calibration, fault finding or repair assistance. Kentmaster has a group of professional and experienced technicians who can help you deal with any unforeseen issues or problems that you may have with your own setup. Kentmaster also gets you covered on online and phone support as well as spare parts and manuals for your convenience; if the need arises, you can always find a solution.
  • Maintenance
  • Cleaning
  • Lubrication
  • Or replacing parts 

Kentmaster has pledged to remain a master of quality and innovation in the meat industry and maintains this by following not only the highest standards of science but also animal welfare, food safety and environmental sustainability. 

Additionally, they also offer competitive prices while delivering the goods in a matter of hours. Hence, the selection is the most workable option for your processing needs.

Here are some of the values and goals that Kentmaster follows and pursues and how they can benefit you and your meat processing business:

  • Animal welfare. Kindermaster is not indifferent to the use of livestock by its equipment and considers the answer to a decreased stress and pain level among the animals as a top target. Kentmaster gives slaughterhouses, abattoirs and butcheries the most humane equipment possible and complies with the standards and regulations of humane slaughter that are set for that kind of work. 
  • Food safety. Kentmaster that provides a stable and enhanced safety level is expected, and, in addition, there will be no spoilage or contamination occurring. KentMasters is a company that not only adheres to but also goes the extra step of using sanitary equipment and the highest standards of hygiene as set by the laws and regs. 
  • Environmental sustainability. Kentmaster safeguards and minimises the environment that is impacted by its equipment and activities, giving its best effort to minimise its environmental footprint. The company runs environmental regulations and policies, and the use of eco-friendly, energy-efficient materials and procedures is the most preferred. To accomplish this task, Kentmaster employs the recycling and reuse of its resources and waste, and it supports green initiatives, programs and campaigns regarding environment conservation and recovery.


Butchery equipment comes in many different forms, and Kentmaster have built an almost 80-year reputation for supplying as many aspects thought the meat chain with some of the industry’s best tools, including their own machinery, which is highly regarded in the business. They really are a one-stop shop for all your needs, including helping to plan, build and stock abattoirs and slaughterhouses.  They are the big players in South Africa and beyond.